As cliché as life becomes sometimes you can’t help but acknowledge it and recognize things for what they were. So much happens to each person in my life and it’s finally getting to the stage that I feel like we can all relate to one another from one phase to the next. Whether this happened to me seven months ago or my best friend 2 hours ago you can’t predict your future endeavors. Maybe you get over it, or maybe it never will be over, but at least in a time like this I have a friend right behind me

11.Aug.14 2 weeks ago

Isn’t it ridiculous how so far off track we can become when we let ourselves get wrapped up in such a minute detail of life?

This entire summer has truly been an experience, one both with so many different experiences it’s hard to really pin exactly where I stand at this point in my life. It’s funny how life throws such obstacles at you and even if you’re given what you think you want, you may choose to deny it. Maybe I’m not making sense to anyone else, but That doesn’t really matter.

No expectations, one day at a time

03.Aug.14 3 weeks ago

live through this and you won’t look back 

02.Jul.14 1 month ago

you know honestly i feel like i would be okay with the world and not necessarily have to expect the worst to happen if things like horrible luck didnt constantly strike me like a fucking lightning bolt. 

i legitimately feel like no matter what i do i will always get the short end of the stick whether its just me being a good person or me just having terrible luck of the draw and im so fucking sick of it. like i legitimately just spent time crying over some shit that legitimately shouldnt have even happened to me but of course it does and it shouldnt even be that big of a deal but of course it is. fuck me. 

fuck me every fucking day. 

27.May.14 3 months ago

every bit of me just wants to cry 

16.Apr.14 4 months ago
29.Mar.14 5 months ago