live through this and you won’t look back 

02.Jul.14 3 weeks ago

you know honestly i feel like i would be okay with the world and not necessarily have to expect the worst to happen if things like horrible luck didnt constantly strike me like a fucking lightning bolt. 

i legitimately feel like no matter what i do i will always get the short end of the stick whether its just me being a good person or me just having terrible luck of the draw and im so fucking sick of it. like i legitimately just spent time crying over some shit that legitimately shouldnt have even happened to me but of course it does and it shouldnt even be that big of a deal but of course it is. fuck me. 

fuck me every fucking day. 

27.May.14 1 month ago

every bit of me just wants to cry 

16.Apr.14 3 months ago
29.Mar.14 3 months ago